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Home Alone (e-guide)

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This 15-page e-guide is written to help you who are just about to start the separation training or you who have struggled but not quite got the hang of it.

When the separation training does not work or feels strange, a stress arises that is not fun to deal with. It suddenly becomes a problem to go to the store, book an appointment or meet a friend for coffee. Most of the time we want to take our dogs everywhere, but it is important to have the option of alone time without stress and anxiety.

This guide will help you understand separation anxiety and how to fix it in 3 stages:

  • introduction to the subject
  • conditioning and counter conditioning as a dog training tool
  • applying what you’ve learnt for your dog to be left alone

The parts have different modules so that you can work at a pace that does not move too quickly for your dog. There is also a checklist to be able to follow your process step by step. The goal of this guide is for you to feel more confident in your training going forward and to get an overview of your situation.
All relationships get stronger if you can take a break from each other, some relationships just need a little bit more work before both feel safe in taking that time.

Regain the ability to buy sugar for the coffee, coffee with a friend and have a meeting down at the office without the stress that your four-legged friend would be anxious back home!

If you notice during the training that the separation anxiety is so strong that you do not progress, you can instead use the guide as a pointer when you book personal counselling, even if you do not book it with me but someone closer to you.

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